A downloadable game for Windows


This is a TWO PLAYER GAME.  One keyboard and one Controller are required.  

Two bound lovers test the strength of their bond in this conflict puzzle game.

Movement Controls

Player 1-------Keyboard----------

WASD  Keys

Player 2 Keyboard Controls or GamePad

Arrow Keys Or Game Pad Controller DPAD

Camera Options----

Press 1 For Perspective Cam

Press 2 for Isometric Cam

Install instructions


Original is the UE4Jam Original submitted by dead line.

PostJam is a smaller file and has minor bug fixes.

Rar File 

Unzip File/ Set to Desktop 

Click MoonBound Unreal File with Project icon 

And Enjoy


LCREW_MoonBound UE4Jam Original Version 422 MB
MoonBound Post UE4Jam Version with Bug Fixes 127 MB

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