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Unique Twist on a Tower Defence Game Your Limbs are your weapon they only have a couple hits till they get destroyed by the Catolytes that are coming towards you. Pick up damaged limbs to restore the health of them and they can fight more on your behalf.

Win when you collect on your body enough limbs to be made into a ultimate monster.

Flavour Text

 Welcome to the Graveyard

Young Necromancer Striga your task is to let the power of Azhilmol flow through you.{WASD to move} In order to do this you must collect as many limbs as you can.

How will you do this you must summon the limbs to your body{SPACEBAR to collect limbs} not be touched by the Catolytes they will harm you. Use your fallen foes limbs and fling them to act in your defence. {MOUSE DRAG to fling body parts}


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